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Project Title Client / Funding Year
Geo-hazard management for the transportation sector World Bank 2008-2009
Bam Earthquake Emergency Reconstruction Project – Consultancy Services for Risk Assessment, Engineering Design and Construction Supervision Governorate of Kerman / World Bank 2008-2011
Development of Standards for Conducting Hazard Mapping, Vulnerability Assessment and Economic Valuation for Risk Assessment for the Tourism Sector
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CDERA / IDB 2008-2009
Experimental Studies regarding Landslides and Elaboration of Standard Monitoring Manuals, Romania Government of Romania / World Bank 2008-2012
Evaluation of the Optimal Resilience for Vulnerable Infrastructure Networks, Switzerland / DRM Europe Swiss Science Foundation (NFP54) 2007-2008
Development of Drought Hazard Maps, Saint Lucia GOSL / World Bank 2007
Hazard Vulnerability Studies, Land-Use Planning and Enforcement of Building Codes for Disaster Mitigation, Turkey ABS / World Bank 2005-2006
Disaster Prevention Component, Rural Development Program, Mozambique GTZ 2004-2006
Risk Analysis for Land-Use Planning UCRESEP / World Bank 2004-2005
Evaluation of the Seismic Vulnerability of Managua UCRESEP / World Bank 2004-2005
Revision of the Building Code UCRESEP / World Bank 2004-2005
Methodological Guideline and Teaching Materials for Disaster Risk Management Education, Nicaragua UCRESEP / World Bank 2003-2004
Public Awareness Program for Disaster Prevention, Nicaragua UCRESEP / World Bank 2003-2004
Flood Risk Management Component - Rural Development Program, Mozambique GTZ 2003-2004
Evaluation of IDB's Disaster Risk Management Policy IDB / seco 2003
Integral Risk Analysis in 13 Andean Communities, Peru Copasa / GTZ 2003
Evaluation of USAID's Gujarat Humanitarian Response and Rehabilitation Program, India USAID 2002
NATO Advanced Research Workshops: Risk Management for Natural and Technological Hazards, Russia NATO / Russia Joint Science and Technology Program 2002-2003
Survey of Critical Infrastructure Vulnerability in the Washington Metropolitan Region Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments 2002-2003
Disaster Management for Critical Infrastructure World Bank 2002
Task Force on Climate Change, Adaptation and Vulnerable Communities IUCN / SwissRe 2001-2004
Microzonation for Earthquake Risk Mitigation, Turkey GDDA / SDC-DEZA 2001-2004
Incremental Integrated Seismic Rehabilitation, USA FEMA 2001-2003
Strengthening of Disaster Management and Mitigation at the State Level, UP, India ADPC / ADB 2001-2002
Landslide Assessment, Azerbaijan World Bank / seco 2000-2001
The Relationship between Hail and Damage to Buildings, Switzerland PartnerRe 1999